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Yesterday I FINALLY got the call from Maryland, the one I’d been dying to receive. The one I’d been dreading. I still had 5 hours left to teach high schoolers and be a calm, composed adult around my students. My heart broke a couple hours later when I got a text from a roommate that she was energetic and playful, showing very few signs of being 7 days post-amputation.

The biopsy findings revealed that the tumor was a fibrosarcoma, grade 3. They were able to see cancer-free margins, but barely, and according to the surgeon, it will probably only take a month or two to take her from us to the rainbow bridge. Chemo might add a couple more months, and radiation might add a year, but neither of those treatment options seem fair for how little time they would give her.

I took her in today to get a couple bumps looked at; one is a seroma, and the other is the muscle flaps (technical terms…) sewn together. Thankfully the vet didn’t feel any tumor-like lumps or bums. Based on how aggressive the tumor was, once we start to see tumors, the lungs will not be far behind. She did try to give a little hope and said that they do surprise us sometimes with many extra months, and I’ve found that to be true in many of your stories here on Tripawds. It’s very encouraging to read things like that, but sometimes that isn’t enough to stop the visions of bringing her to the vet one more last time, or bringing her home for a minute so Kho can smell her body to say goodbye.

I’m trying not to cry as I type this…it’s not working. 

The summer is fast approaching, and from mid-July to mid-August I leave on tour to teach a drum corps. I’m doing my best not to dwell, but it’s hard to imagine leaving her if she’s still doing ok, or if a tumor forms before I leave. Plus I’ll be moving at the beginning of July. I’m so overwhelmed with all this and how fast it’s happened. How does my beautiful, healthy, sweet-as-can-be Sheherazade have an aggressive cancer? And then guilt sets in with how many people suffer from cancer, and Raz is an animal. It’s so many emotions and thoughts, my brain is exhausted!

For now, we take each day and enjoy it. Raz has pooped about 4 times since surgery, and she played for the first time in over a month! Tonight she climbed up the side of the dog crate, much like a monkey, and made it to the top! I’m so proud of her and how she’s adapting. She’s being well-spoiled, and I’m trying to be fair and love on Kho just as much, so he doesn’t get jealous.

Enjoying all our time,

Cassie (meowther)

Raz (tripawd sister)

Kho (monkeybutt brother)


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6 thoughts on “Results…”

  1. We were given a similar diagnosis with out dog. He had osteosarcoma and we were told he would live 3 months with the amputation and no chemo and maybe a year with the chemo. We did the amputation over 2 1/2 years ago with no chemo and he is still with us with no spread to the lungs yet. He is healthy and happy.
    His picture will be on our vets new website. He is considered a bit of a miracle.
    Don’t give up hope.

    1. Thank you for making me cry again! I’m at work!
      Seriously though, I am appreciative of all the hope stories…I’ve been feeling low on hope. Raz is stonger than me! I’m trying to be more “cat” and take each moment. Thank you! <3

  2. Please do not lose hope! I have been in and out of here several times trying to find the words for you and Raz.
    One thing for sure ( I am going to quote Sally 🙂 ) Raz does not have a time stamp on her back end… go ahead and check, seriously. You don’t see one, do you?
    We are all going to go at some time, but right now is not Raz’ time. And although if you have a bucket list of things that you want to do for her, she may surprise you and do much better than her prognosis. It does happen, and right now just having the procedure done has given her such a better quality of life. You have already seen that and her surgery wasn’t long ago.
    My thoughts are with you. Stay pawsitive for your girl. Love her and enjoy this time that you have together. Raz is really a lucky kitty to have you for her pawrent.
    I love seeing her pictures on IG. Don’t forget to post more here too!
    Big hugs,
    Jackie and Huckleberry 💖

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, here and on IG! I’m waiting to hear back about an oncologist consultation my vet is having with another, but we are just trying enjoy every moment. It’s a lesson Raz has been very patient with teaching. <3
      Thank you!
      Cassie, Raz, and Kho

  3. I somehow missed your post here and wanted to just x3 what others have said: our animals don’t have a timestamp on their butts! Prognosis or not there are no guarantees either way. Our Jerry was given six months: he got two years! And he spent those two years pain free and having a ball. So you never know, Razz may beat the odds too!

    Good job celebrating her and taking things day by day. It’s a hard lesson for us humans to learn but animals have it down. Follow her lead, you can’t go wrong.

    1. Thank you, Jerry! This place has certainly been a beacon and so helpful, with both the emotional side of things as well as the practical bits. 🙂

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