Stubborn Cat!

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Raz had her surgery yesterday. She was a hot mess when I picked her up last night…making lots of sounds I’ve only heard on the rare occasion I’ve tried to bathe her!

Kho LOVES baths….Raz definitively does NOT. 

The doctor said that the tumor looked pretty aggressive, and though she thought they were able to get it all, it was really close to the pelvis, so she gave a pretty poor prognosis. They sent it in for testing, but they were certainly unable to get the 3cm margins they were hoping for.

I’m going back and forth between being hopeful and wondering when her time will be up. Raz, of course, doesn’t realize that she only has three legs, so she wants to wander around EVERYWHERE. We were staying with family, so last night and this morning she wanted to explore. Now we’re sitting in the car about to head out and she wants to get out of her dog kennel and explore the car…

I am worried that her pain meds aren’t enough. I talked to my vet office back home last night, and I’ll probably call this morning to see if we can up her dose. Currently she’s on 50mg gabapentin 2x day, and .3ml bup 3x day. She’s so alert, I’d really like to see her a little more out of it, at least for the car ride.

Pictures to come sometime tonight/tomorrow!

Cassie McDonald (mom)

Raz (Scheherazade, newbie tripawd) @tripawd_razzle (Instagram)

Kho (Khovanschina, annoying brother)

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4 thoughts on “Stubborn Cat!”

  1. Hang in there Cassie….when our kitty came home she had a Fentanyl patch for pain. The Gaba was for the nerve related pain. She was quite restless and didn’t get quality sleep those first couple days. I hope your diagnosis goes well. If you look at our blog I did post my docs med instructions on there for comparison as I was quite overwhelmed. Kitty hugs to Raz

  2. Well look at her meow! She is pretty alert, that’s impressive. Your instincts are spot-on though, you do want her as mellow as can be so she has a smooth recuperation. Good job to talk to the vet.

    I hope your ride home is as chill as can be.

    PS Keep in mind that you may want to upload your videos to YouTube so that you won’t run out of storage space in your free blog (Tripawds supporters get more storage for things like videos, see:

    1. Good tip about the videos, thank you! She finally chilled out after a few hours. Has had a couple hyper moments at home, but is more chill for the most part.

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