Escape, Acupuncture, and Cuddles

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Things are still going pretty well with Raz, Kho, and their hoomans. Raz is continuing to find her new normal. She even escaped to the forbidden basement last weekend! Every once in a blue moon I let them down to the shared basement we have with our two upstairs neighboring apartments. There is a TON of junk down there, and it’s a dusty place. BUT apparently we have a slight mouse problem, so if I let them go down there, maybe getting the cat scent will help to scare them off. That’s my theory, anyways…one of our upstairs neighbors is terrified of cats (…-_-…), so I don’t let them go down unless I’m absolutely positive she won’t be around. But last Saturday, Raz found the door to be slightly ajar, and she had a BALL! It was her first time using stairs, and she did just fine.

In the few days that followed, she was a little more painful than she had been before, but I believe it was because she overdid it a bit in her basement adventure.


Last Thursday was our first visit to a holistic vet. I didn’t know what to expect! But the staff and doctor were so sweet, and I could tell Raz felt comfortable there (though she usually does fine at the vet anyways). The doctor spent an hour and a half with us, getting to know Raz and her story. She then proceeded with acupuncture. It was my first experience with the practice, and I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive. But Raz responded really well and was relaxed the entire time! She started on my lap, and there was one point where she jumped off, but thankfully the needles stayed put and she didn’t move around anymore during the process. The TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) doctor explained that the acupuncture will help cool the body down (she tends to run warm, especially where the incision/cancer was), and it will help get the “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) moving normally, which will help regulate normal cell division. We also went home with Wei Qi Booster tea pills, which will act similarly to encourage normal cell division, and hopefully build her immune system up so it can fight off any bad cancer cells.

It’s all a little strange to me, but I’m willing to try it if it will increase Raz’s chances! 

To update Raz and Kho’s relationship, it’s better than ever! The two of them snuggled together with me TWICE in the last week. It has been so special to see the two of them getting along as if they were kittens again.


Don’t mind my roommate’s legs…he’s wearing shorts.

This Thursday we are celebrating one month! My roommates and I will celebrate Raz’s first statistic buster (she was given 1-2 months). Here’s to a continued recovery and remission!



Cassie (meowther)

Raz (tripawd sister)

Kho (monkeybutt brother)

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2 thoughts on “Escape, Acupuncture, and Cuddles”

  1. I just love looking at the pictures of these two spectacular kitties! In the video of Raz trying to get back down into the basement to do some mousing is priceless. She has a lot of determination and that is a real good trait to have on this journey. And I do believe today is her one month ampuversary! This calls for a scoop of ice cream! Hugs!

  2. YAY HOPPY AMPUVERSARY RAZ! You are a statistic buster my friend, you are showing the world that prognosis schmognosis, it’s all just a guess.

    I had to re-read “though she usually does fine at the vet anyways”….WOW!

    Raz, you are one unique kitty for sure. There is something truly special about you.

    I’m so glad acupuncture turned out well! How are you feeling now? Did it help? I hope so. Keep us posted.

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